Anna: If you want to destroy me, try harder.
Diana: Oh, I will.

Anna: Unlike you I have no weaknesses.
Diana: Than why do you have to prove yourself to me?

Anna: Is Mr. Hobbes in position?
Thomas: Yes, my Queen. He's on site and awaits your order.

(to Erica) We have so much time to make up for.


Erica: You betrayed me. And Jack. I gave you my word. I'll do everything I can to protect your daughter, but I can't forgive you.
Ryan: I'm sorry.
Erica: It's too late.

Erica: I only see two ways outta here for you: dead or in cuffs.
Eli: There might be a third way.

Tyler: I'm really glad your back, Dad.
Joe: Me too.

You're right. Everyone showed up. Everyone except for me. I didn't get a call.


(to Erica) Make no mistake, either by my hands or your Ryan Nichols is going to die.


(to Ryan) God help you now.


(to Ryan) Judas returns to complete his betrayal.


(to Marcus) I will hunt down and kill Eli Cohen and the Fifth Column. They will pay for what they've done.


V Quotes

Is there such a thing as an ugly Visitor?


We are of peace. Always.