Neal: Okay, who’s the case agent?
Peter: Before I tell you, remember that your commutation hearing is coming up. You should consider this an opportunity to impress Diana, Jones and myself with you maturity and self-restraint.
Neal: Peter, what did you do?

Neal: Regardless of what the committee decides. This is my home now.
Mozzie: And I am right beside you.

Isn't there a child's balloon you need to pop somewhere?

Neal [to Mozzie]

He will never be a model citizen, but he is not the brazen thief that I went after six years ago for the Raphael.


Something I was trying to get back from a life I lost and it's been chasing me ever since.


Are you handling him, or becoming him?

Kramer[to Peter]

Mozzie: How did it go?
June: I nailed it!

Mozzie: Where are you going?
Neal: To open a door I didn't want to have to open.

Whether there's an anklet or not, come Monday morning I'm gonna be stepping off that elevator on the 21st floor to go to work.


Peter: I don't know what you're planning here, but you are one week away from freedom.
Neal: You're welcome.

If you work hard, swing for the fences, anything is possible.


Neal: You think I'm still a thief?
Taylor: Fish don't do well out of water.