Madeline: Thank you Fiona, this has been very satisfying.
Fiona: No, this will be satisfying [hands Madeline the detonation button].

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Fiona Glenanne, Madeline Westen
Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 3: "Down Range"
Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Burke: The first guy I talked to about this job had a plan taking out the guard's front gate and pulling the truck out bloody. Is that pretty much what you're thinking?
Jesse: Any idiot can throw a rock at a wasp's nest. We're finesse guys. We'll get you truck make a much smaller mess.

Jesse: Look Sam, you know I want to help Mike out, but I got clients to answer to. I can't just go running off to the DR on a random Thursday.
Sam: Tell me about it. I was supposed to go have some extra special Sammy time with Elsa this weekend but that ain't happening