Lois [about her and Bill's father]: We're gonna be legally married!
Bill: Congratulations.
Lois: No gifts, please!
Bill: Are you happy?
Lois: Well, you know me. I have a naturally cheerful countenance. But anyway, I just wanted to let you know. We won't be moving in together which means we'll probably get along a little better. But it won't matter any way. He won't be around much longer

Bill Henrickson, Lois Henrickson
Big Love Season 1 Episode 6: "Roberta's Funeral"
Big Love
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Big Love Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I don't like the sneaking around... Actually, I love the sneaking around, it is so exciting!

Barb [to Peg]

Barb: I'm having an affair.
Peg: With who?
Barb: Bill.
Peg: Your husband Bill?