Long John Silver: I did not want this. Flint is my friend. But I’m not what he is. I have no illusions about it. But for all the dangers he presents...for all his offenses, the one thing he’s never done is force me to choose between him and you. That...you did. But it isn’t too late to find a way to remedy it...You made a terrible mistake...and you paid a terrible price. But we’re at war...and you’re an asset. In spite what’s goin’ on, you are my friend...and the men out there have had their pound of flesh and our men...Billy I could walk out there and tell them the sky is red and they’d believe me. That’s the power you’ve given me. But I have to know this is over... your vendetta against Flint...your need to see him dead or departed from our story. I have to know you’ll never put me to a choice between you again. Swear it and this all ends.
Billy Bones: You chose. Live with it.

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Black Sails Season 4 Episode 6: "XXXIV"
Black Sails
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Black Sails Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Eleanor: ...I am leaving. And as my collateral to ensure that this deal is consummated, he’ll be coming with me to the fort.
Capt. Jack Rackham: This deal? As in the one in which you walk away with all my money? It seems the only means I have in registering any meaningful disapproval of this deal at this point is to kill one or the both of you.

Eleanor: You trust him? Flint? Cast your lot with him?
Madi: What does it matter to you?
Eleanor: Before this war began, before everyone’s roles changed, your father mistrusted Flint as much as anyone in Nassau did. I assume you were in some contact with him all that time...and I’m surprised his feelings didn’t influence you.
Madi: You were my sister. There is very little I remember from when I was young, but I remember this — you were older, you were beautiful. I revered you. When you were told that my mother and I were dead, I have to believe that it affected you. You had just lost your mother. But if things were as I remember, my mother and I were your family, too. And yet, through all the years thereafter that my father cared for you, counseled you, labored for you, he never told you that we were alive. It would have been so easy to lessen your suffering by divulging the secret...and yet he never did. Have you yet asked yourself why that is? My father didn’t mistrust Flint. My father mistrusted all of you.