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It's 2011 and Jennifer Goines makes her first trip to the mysterious "Night Room." There she meets another scientist, Ivan, who shares details about the vault, its security system and deadly fail-safes.

Jennifer looks up entranced at the pretty lights and says "complete with evening stars." Ivan explains it's the "Big Burn," a UV light system strong enough to torch the entire lab rather than risk contamination.

Ivan informs Jennifer she is the only person that can open the vault. "You don't think someone would try and steal this thing?" he asks. "Its happened before" Jennifer replies.

Flash forward to 2043, as Cole prepares to splinter back and meet up with Cassie to visit the Night Room. He tells Jones of this pre-jump tradition he and Ramse have. They knock back a few beers in case his mission is successful and they're erased.

She's slightly amused and now understands why her calculations are usually off; it's the alcohol in his system.

Cole asks her to join them, and we learn Jones was married, but sadly for just a few days. An explosion rings out through the facility, interrupting the pre-jump ritual. Apparently, the time machine's core was damaged in the West VII attack.

Jones makes sure the machine is operational and before long Cole finds himself back in 2015 with Dr. Railly.

Our heroes arrive at the Night Room, but inside they're quickly ambushed by the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Unfortunately, the Pallid Man broke Jennifer and the bad guys arrived there first.

Using a bamboo torture technique, the Pallid Man attempts to get information out of Cole. He makes no progress, but does mention "The Witness" leading Cole to wonder if that's the villain's boss.

During the interrogation, the Pallid Man also bring's up the death's of both Leland and Henri in Haiti. Needless to say, this news shocks Cassie. Cole later explains that had Henri lived, he might have led the 12 Monkeys to the Night Room sooner. He felt he didn't have another choice.

While Cassie took the news of Henri's murder terribly, Jennifer seemed grateful to Cole for killing her father.

In 2043, Max and Ramse discuss rumors of a German doctor's cruel experiments. Ramse had always been suspicious of Jones, so he snoops around and finds old files of other time travel experiments. Those volunteer weren't as luck as Cole, they all died.

Jones confronts Ramse and tells him those atrocities were made in the name of saving the human race. "What is the lives of a few people, compared to the whole of human history?" Jones asks.

In the past, the Night Room's vault is opened revealing a centuries old human corpse, also known as the "Origin" of Leland Goines' virus.

When the 12 Monkeys attempt to retrieve the "Origin," a final fail-safe kicks in vaporizing a soldiers hand.

The Pallid Man then forces a very confused Jennifer to disarm the fail-safe. In no time, Cole springs into action breaking the "Origin's" protective glass and setting off the "Big Burn." Naturally, the Pallid Man is not pleased and leaves the lab with Cassie and Jennifer as hostages.

Cole splinters back to 2043 only to discover the future has been altered, and the West VII now control the temporal facility.

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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Cassie: I've seen that face before, right before you shot Leland Goines.
Cole: Look Cassie, this is it. We've found it, what we've been looking for this whole time. This is the Night Room. We're going to be careful okay, but one way or another I'm getting into that lab.

Ivan: You don't think someone would try and steal this thing?
Jennifer: Its happened before.