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In 2043, Jones' Core is failing. If they don't replace the power, Cole's tether will break and he will be lost in time.

In order to avoid this, she sends Whitley and Ramse to her old stomping grounds, a place called Spearhead which houses another Core. Sounds great right? Naturally, there's a major snag and Jones shares the story with Ramse.

Not long after the plague destroyed the world, the top government officials and the "brightest minds" took shelter in a place called "Spearhead." The goal was to find a cure, however, the virus mutated and they failed. Frustrated and feeling helpless, the survivors decided they would move to a remote location where they'd be safe from the disease. A Colonel named Foster staged a coup, killing the military leaders but allowing Jones to flee and start Project Splinter.

Meanwhile in the past, Cole finds himself wounded and trapped in Wexler's destroyed compound. How did he survive the bombing?

Elsewhere, Cassie and Aaron visit Senator Royce hoping to investigate the virus and whether or not Cole survived. The Senator approves her trip to Chechnya.

When they arrive at Spearhead, Whitley and Ramse are welcomed by Foster's head of security who happens to be Whitley's father. The two are taken to see Colonel Foster who refuses to hand over the manifold because he needs it in his search for a cure.

As Ramse roams around Spearhead, he bumps into the woman Cole told us was the love of his life; Elena. She introduces him to Sam, and Ramse quickly realizes the boy is their son. He's suddenly got an instant family. How will this affect the plan to erase 2043?

When Jones learns of Foster's refusal to lend them the manifold, she makes one last attempt to bring Cole home. This only makes matters worse, Cole was unable to splinter back and the Core was depleted. Jones then decides to visit Spearhead herself, and meet with Foster.

Meanwhile, Cole remains stuck in that crater. He hears a little girl's voice call down to him. The fact that she's coughing is not a good sign.

Jones arrives at Spearhead and confronts Foster. She wants to get right down to business, but he prefers the visitors discuss the matter over dinner. Jones makes it clear she needs more than just the manifold now; she's there for Foster's entire Core. He laughs at her brazen attitude, until she hands him a photo of his wife and he in happier times. A photo Cole brought back through time for her. This peaks the Colonel's interest.

Both Jones and Foster think they have the correct solution to the plague; only Jones wants to undo it, while Foster claims he's found a cure. 

The two remain at odds and Jones prepares to leave, just as Ramse and Elena start reconnecting. He leaves, convinced Foster lied about a cure. Back at Project Splinter, Jones informs her team Foster found a cure to the 2033 mutation. The man is obsessed, yet nowhere near a cure for the latest mutation. Jones tells Whitley they will have to take the Core by force.

Cassie arrives in Chechnya, and bribes a cab driver to bring her as close as possible to the bomb site. She ultimately realizes that there were no survivors and assumes Cole was erased.

However, Cole did indeed survive, only the attempts to splinter him back to 2043 dropped him off two years in the future. The young Russian girl confirms Cole is in 2017; the height of the plague. Cole looks out and spots a ditch full of dead human bodies.

12 Monkeys
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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Colonel Foster: Sergeant Whitley, been a long time son. what brings you home?
Whitley: We need your help.
Colonel Foster: Is that so? What did she do now? Please tell me that she isn't still grinding scavengers into that machine.
Ramse: Project Splinter; it worked.
Colonel Foster: Katerina sent someone back in time?
Whitley: She did.
Colonel Foster: Well then, how are we still having this conversation; now?

Lasky: We've blown the stabilizer.
Ramse: Lasky you better fix this quick.
Jones: It can't be repaired. The only way to stabilize the core is replace the manifold. Mr. Whitley, there's only one place we can find one.
Whitley: You're not serious.
Jones: What choice do we have? We don't fix the core, mission is over.