Unthinkable Consequences - 12 Monkeys
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Cole remembers being a kid with Ramse. He and his "friend" are in 2007 where he thinks it's too easy Olivia showed up with all the answers.

Dude is angry at Jennifer for sleeping in the time travel chair. She's using Jone's chair and desk as her "portrait" studio, but Jones nobody there quite understands her and how her mind works, so they're missing the more important bits.

Ramse and Cole are recalling an old job they did at Otero's, a shoutout to our old friend Hank. Cole has no idea, of course, that the house where they're going to find the Witness is the house where he and Cassie lived in 2007.

The Pallid Man tells the guard dude to ready Titan for a jump. Cassie and Deacon can't leave before they jump.

Jennifer has a vision of dead Cassie and Cole just after Ramse asks for Dr. Railly to come down to a floor at the hospital so he can kill her.

Of course, Ramse kills the wrong person. Because of course he does.

When Ramse gets back to the hotel, he tells Cole to go see Cassie while they're in town. It could be his last shot. Cole remembers Cassie was in Parsippany, NH for months because of an outbreak. Oh, no wonder she never reported to the ER.

Cassie and Deacon are fighting their way out of Titan. Mallick appears with the two-knife stab for an assist.

Cole mentions old times and Ramse recalls the time Cole was held at knifepoint as a kid.

They split up so Ramse can steal a car and go to Parsippany to kill Ramse.

Deacon is asking a lot of questions of Cassie. What did they want? Why were they locked up so long? What the hell happened to her in there?

Jennifer sits before Olivia asking why she's seeing dead people before her. Olivia isn't the one who sees the future, she says. Jennifer jumps up screaming that Olivia smells like bullshit, dog hooey, and a whole lot more. That kind of gets to Olivia, and it's fun to see her sweat. Jennifer realizes she's juggling the map as her bargaining chip. Olivia says she's only human. Jennifer scoffs. She's going to need more than a map to save her if something happens to her friends.

Cole followed Ramse to Parsippany. the jig is up.

It's always been up, but Cole wanted to believe. The place Cole gave Ramse is the very place Cole has been remembering all day. The foodbank where he was saved by Ramse, where Ramse first called him brother.

Ramse tells him who the Witness is.

Cassie is thinking of finding everyone if she has to move all the rubble herself. But there's a butterfly painted on wall.

Ramse and Cole are running through the same woods they did as kids, but this time as enemies.

Cole shoots Ramse. Ramse won't stop, so Cole shoots him in the back. Tragically, Ramse dies. He goes to the hospital to see Cassie. He tells her he can't do this alone. Please come home.

She and Deacon are digging. They find the beacons. They're going home.

Cole considers blowing out Olivia's brains, but Deacon comes home. Cassie follows directly after. Ask and you shall receive!

Their hug is disturbed by the realization between them that their child is the Witness.

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12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

I didn't come here to kill the witness. I came here to make sure he was never born. I came here to kill his mother. The Witness is your son.


Cole: You sure you want to do this? Like this, splitting up?
Ramse: It's the only way, brother. It's about time we set things straight.
Cole: See you on the other side.