The 1980s - 12 Monkeys
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Cole and Cassie decide to keep their dirty little secret to themselves.

Cassie gets six minutes to talk with Olivia unseen. He promised a world without pain and without death, and Olivia wants to know why.

Jennifer has a great story all ready to go about the map and how it was smuggled out of Germany eventually landing in an auction house in 1989, complete with scooby doo style hijinks with Jennifer acting as her mother and Olivia buying the painting. Jones even likes the plan, calling it simple, executable and very doable.

Cassie and Cole decide they'll steal the map and destroy it before their own team can see it because if they don't, they'll see the Jennifer had outfit ideas, and they're great.

Plan is in motion. Once it's going, Cassie starts altering it. Olivia is there as Jennifer saw her in her vision, but says she will alter her plans to someone on the phone. Olivia's nose begins to bleed in her cage.

Cassie and Jennifer connect about their mothers as they wait for her father's car outside the warehouse. She's going to place it up for auction. Deacon and Jennifer are a perfect pair to confuse people so they don't know what the hell is going on.

Cole and Cassie are inside the trunk, waiting to pop out. They reminisce about being on their bed in 1959. Cassie cries about what she remembers while the guards argue about pee and poop being a number three and whether either of them had ever done a number four.

All the fun at the auction and Jennifer is having a lot of it, is crushed when she bids on everything. Since she bids on too much, they call her "husband" and he says to stop all bidding immediately. Something's wrong. Jennifer sees her father and Cole and Cassie start stealing the painting.

Jennifer needs a distraction, so Deacon decides to rob the place.

In the back, Cassie is getting the map, which she inexplicably stuffs band into the painting when a kerfluffle begins. So when they go back, it's gone.

Jennifer's dad is mean to little Jennifer, so Deacon bends down in front of her after she says yay yay yay and tells her to never forget her daddy is an asshole.

Who does scare little Jennifer? Olivia.

Jennifer opens the map and sees what it says about James and Cassandra bearing the Witness.

She makes her copies and puts the map behind the machine. Her father walks in with herself. He suggests she looks exactly like her mother, it's in the eyes but doesn't recognize who she will be. When they touch hands, time starts to splinter.

When they splinter off, little Jennifer just laughs at her dad inside the locked room.

When Cassie and Cole get back, Jones is looking through the copies. Jennifer's hand is on the one about the Witness, covering the parents' secret.

Deacon sticks up for her, and Jones gives her kudos as well. Cassie thanks her with her eyes and Cole can't quite believe it.

The place is destroyed and they plant their own tethers and paint the butterfly.

1953. Magdelena is with a little boy of about 7 in a tent ministry. Cole is probably the son of his own son.


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12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

When I was a kid, I used to keep a diary. All the rules I wanted to break and all the wacky shenanigans I needed for success. But, I always, always got caught. Everywhere I'd go she'd turn up, Mommy Not-so Dearest. Hmpf. How did she know? My diary. Turns out, I was writing about the future in the past tense. Hashtag primary problems.


Jones: Dr. Railly, in all your time at Titan, were you ever able to discover the identity of the Witness, learn his origin?
Cassie: No.