Kissy Kiss - 12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 9
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Cassie says it's not the mask she remembers. Cole says Sebastian thought they'd find answers, so they started looking.

Meanwhile, we get to know Athan, who travels time and lives amongst ghosts. He knows everything and witnesses the worst humanity has to offer.

The only way Athan stays sane is by traveling anyway, anywhen, at will. Then his time suit breaks. 

Athan is trying to buy something special when a thief in a white mask robs the jewelry. He follows her to a hospital where she points a gun on him. He gets what he wants back. She wears the mask because when you're promising death, it's best to look the part.

The two spar and a week later Athan is back at the watchmaker asking him to take another pass at the gold thing.

He goes back to the hospital only to discover the doctor he met is dying of the plague. 

Jennifer is drawing all of it. Jones wonders what's going on. Jennifer says it's the end of the story. 

Eliza wakes up in Athan's house, cured. She merely had a staph infection.

Athan begins wooing her in earnest. He wants to know all about her, why she left her privilege behind. She thinks he either wants to beat her or bed her. She's embarrassed to be in a restaurant underdressed and he ensures she feels very comfortable in her surroundings.

They fall in love, and C&C read all about it.

Jennifer's voices are overwhelming. Versions of herself are driving her mad. She keeps seeing the mausoleum. It's her present. Time is trying to tell her something. She needs to think outside the box to save the dying man.

She begins bashing her head on the floor. Deacon finally gets his head on straight and stops Jones and Hannah from killing Jennifer. He asks her where she wants to go. Anywhere but here. She wants to go home.

Athan met up with his father only twice. Once when he was very young, and once later. Vagrant Cole was eating beans out of a can (as all vagrants do), and said he'd give up a lifetime of anything else if he could have a life like that.

Eliza gets out of bed to go back to the hospital. She's killed. Athan feels it as he's writing a letter to her. He rushes to her side, but he's too late. 

Athan is beyond pissed off that the watchman hasn't fixed his piece yet. All he's done is take his money. At gunpoint, the guy fesses up. He has it. The vest is operational. This time, Eliza goes back to the hospital, still feels the strike to her leg, but sees brains flying as all around her go down in a hail of bullets. 

Athan, wearing his vest, kills them all, brutally. Instead of thanking him, Eliza backs up in fear, wondering what he has done. He confides in her and shows her his map and iPad. She looks at him not like a hero from a romantic novel, but with disgust. She gives to him a watch. It's broken. It's broken, from this moment forward, he is to be reminded that time cannot be manipulated, It is ungodly. Of course, we know she's going to die of something he can cure. The ache in her leg proves it. 

That night, the watch is ticking and he has a hammer. Eliza, however, is dead nonetheless. Athan tried 607 times to save her. No matter what he did, on the 26th of June, 1897, she dies. 

Then Cassie finds the time she met her son. On the day she lost her first patient. She only had a staph infection, and he says what he tried to do, but she catches that what he did wouldn't have worked. 

Before they send Jennifer away, Deacon says, "Like a fox." 

Olivia and Jones are now besties. Olivia wants Jones to finish it.

C&C walk up on Athan in a chapel.

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12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Eliza: Did you have your way with me?
Athan: No, that's not part of the cure. And I find you far more useful conscious.

Fortunately, I possess the means to stay sane. The ability travel anywhere, anywhen, at will. [Suit breaks, out loud] Well, that's unfortunate.

Athan [in his head]