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A teenage Olivia is being processed by the police in 1971. Cassie is cleaning her gun. She's preparing.

Oliva hears whispers among the elders who speak of the Witness as if it was not her. They were promised the Red Forest and it has not come. Athan was primary and would have known the path to the red forest. Is it clear to Olivia?

She's killing them one by one until she gets answers she wants. And she doesn't like a single thing her sidekick has to say.

Teen Olivia gets a knock at the door and she and her friend begin eating and having a good time before ultimately escaping when her mother comes for her. She's pregnant and on the run. She doesn't want to be what her mother says!

Awaiting her exit from the police station, Cassie is suddenly the target instead of the shooter. It works out well for her, though as she wakes up in a jail cell right next to Olivia. Olivia's vomiting in a bucket as Cassie prepares to strangle Olivia ... until she sees Olivia is pregnant.

Then it begins. Olivia starts telling her "story" to Cassie. Her mother believes something Cassie doesn't. It's only a matter of time before she gets her.

Olivia shares more of her story with Cassie in Jail. She learns she has a purpose. She will have a child as a sacrifice. Her mother cannot believe she would doubt the witness.

Teen Olivia is so scared she runs.

Deacon crawls into the room with Olivia.

Bonham is shocked when Jennifer falls onto the tracks and into the arms of Cole aka future asshole.

She needs to find her asshole and get him a cheeseburger. He'll be at the Charles Bridge.

Jennifer stole the doodad because she thinks it's meant for her. Jennifer and Cole then stumble over the cellphone and call Bonham. He'll be waiting for them at the beginning.

Olivia drinks some red tea and discovers from herself that the purpose of Titan is to make a non-primary primary. She's opening her mind to the time stream. It could be fatal, but there can be no answers, no plan until she truly witnesses.

She gets her own special Witness mask to keepher alive so she can endure the process.

When Cassie tries to interfere with Olivia, she discovers that TeenyBopper Olivia lied to her. Her mother chose to go out in the world and have a child for the witness. She murdered the friend who was helping her and her devotion to the witness ran deeper than she ever imagined. She tried to help her daughter, bu tshe couldn't.

The next time Olivia comes into the room, she's infused with the adult Olivia.

Cassie kills Olivia's mother trying to shoot Oliva and runs.

Cole opens the ouroboros with the story his father told him and finds a message inside. A new mission in 1852?

Deacon is the new Mallick.

Mother tells her son to go do his part. Olivia tells him they have work to finish.

Olivia's baby is left in the forest for someone to find. Who is the baby? Now the time shows that every time the witness appeared it was Cassie.

Cole appears in Cassie's room. They're reunited. They're stuck in a loop, and endless cycle. But nobody knows the first move has been made to break it.

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12 Monkeys Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

We may have saved Athan's soul, but I am losing mine.


Deacon: Yeah, you can throw blame around all you like, but your boy...
Cole: Athan wasn't the Witness. It's always been Olivia. And right now we need to be ready. She knows where we are and she knows when we are.
Deacon: Jesus Christ. How much time do we have?