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Cole and Ramse are walking in the snow and under attack. After they take down a guy, they laugh. It's the day Cole finds Cassie's watch.

Cassie and Cole take Jones to the facility. She can't believe they moved in time.

The facility is a minefield, full of causality and paradoxes. It's not their machine, but theirs.

While talking about Olivia, Cassie spits out, "She was never more protected than she was when she was with you."

The team has the worst peripherial vision ever. Our guys don't even need to hide to be hidden from view.

Cole has a hard time seeing himself with Ramse, his old friend, instead of how the two of them ended.

An inspector is looking for clues as to Jennifer's identity and why she stole the artifact.

When Jones sees Whitley, she begins to shake and drops her glasses.

They all watch when their younger selves still thought it was as easy as targeting Leland Frost to save the world.

Suddenly, Our Jones heads off. She's going to talk to herself.

In 2018, Jennifer sees Cassie on TV before she knew anyone, and Jennifer misses her friends very much.

At the same time, Cassie sees the other Cole watching the same interview on his computer again.

The Jones try to decide why things didn't work as they should have. Who they trusted they shouldn't have. Past Jones wonders why the shaking, and Our Jones says it's because she was exposed to radiation.

Past Jones wants to know how to get tethers working. Our Jones tells her. Past Jones is going to have a difficult life as a result, but she'll think of their conversation as a hallucination thanks to benzos and booze.

Cassie wants to go and kill Olivia to save their son. There won't be a tether. She goes back to 1971. Alone. Never to return.

Cole and Jones are preparing to steal the core. They're waiting in Past Jones' room.

Cole finally comes face to face with Ramse and can't get their last moments out of his mind. Ramse says they'll do it however many times it takes until his soul is saved. What if it never stops, Cole wonders. They were such great friends before all the time traveling bullshit took over.

Ramse says he has to stop trying to forgive himself because only the dead can do it.

Jennifer kills off her cool sidekick, forgets her passport as she was just reminded not to do, and takes off just as the police get there.

It's Cole's turn to steal a core. He gets one.

Whitley walks up to Jones as she's helping Cole to steal it. She winces.

Jones and Cole watch as Cole begins to splinter for the first time, her past self reminding Mr. Cole that everything but the mission is secondary and everyone he meets is already dead. How incredibly wrong she was.

At the same time, she begins to shake and Cole asks if she's alright. She wants him to promise she'll see it rhough to the end.

At the train station to Heathrow, Jennifer is trying to escape. The detective catches up with her. Bonham from Interpol catches up with her.

He knows a lot about Jennifer, her artistic ability, the Army of the 12 Monkeys and James Cole. He tries to assure her she's cornered and alone, but she says she's not alone, and falls into the path of the train.


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12 Monkeys Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

We may have saved Athan's soul, but I am losing mine.


Deacon: Yeah, you can throw blame around all you like, but your boy...
Cole: Athan wasn't the Witness. It's always been Olivia. And right now we need to be ready. She knows where we are and she knows when we are.
Deacon: Jesus Christ. How much time do we have?