19 Kids and Counting Season 8

"Duggars Decorate and Diet"

Jill and Derrick take engagement photos on this episode. Elsewhere, Josh's current trainer assesses his eating and exercising habits on 19 Kids and Counting.

"Duggar Dirty Jobs"

Ben moves into the guesthouse and Jim Bob puts him to work with a long list of chores on 19 Kids and Counting.

"Duggar-Sized Wedding Planning"

The plans for Jill and Derick's wedding begin to come together as cakes are tasted and venues are toured on 19 Kids and Counting.

"Duggar Daughter Dates"

The girls dates are chaperoned when Jill and Derick go on a hike and Jessa and Ben head to the shooting range on 19 Kids and Counting.

"Duggars & Mothers"

19 Kids and Counting is back! On the season premiere, Jill is planning her wedding and making everything is going smoothly.

19 Kids and Counting
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