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To open this episode of 24, Jack and the older Russian dude convince the latter's son to come in with the rods because he'll get immunity. But as soon as he agrees, Josef is shot dead. Farhad and his men secure the nuclear materials.

We soon learn, though, that Farhad's associates have plans to detonate a bomb on U.S. soil to prove their nation's strength. Farhad goes along with this, but then makes a run for it when he gets the chance.

Back at CTU, Jack arrives to learn that the Justice Department is questioning Renee. Earlier in the episode, we saw Rob Weiss tell Hastings that both their jobs were at stake unless they could find a scapegoat for the failed mission. Enter Renee. Jack (hilariously) assaults a CTU guard in order to break up the interview, but it's too late: Renee has admitted that she didn't really kill Vladimir in self-defense. As Jack is being escorted out of the building, he and Hastings come to an agreement:

Jack will sign on to this mission until the rods are safe, in exchange for Renee being cleared of all charges. The first step in the mission? Go bring in Farhad, who has called CTU and said he'll tell them everything if they pick him up. He says this while injured and hiding from his former associates that are now hunting him.


Dana has tracked Kevin and his quiet partner to some remote field, where they've parked their van and recently bid farewell to a couple strippers. As she gets out of the car to supposedly go kill them, Cole shows up (Arlo had tracked Dana's whereabouts and passed the information along). Cole forces Dana to admit everything about her past, at which point he gets out of the car and threatens Kevin and the other guy. He tells them to leave town forever... or else!

After Cole and Dana walk away, we see the quiet friend stab Kevin because he wants to continue with their arrangement, and then he approaches Dana and Cole. But you can't sneak up on a CTU agent! Cole shoots him in the chest and he and Dana go see about Kevin. He's dead. The episode concludes with Cole and Dana in the field, surrounded by the two dead bodies.

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