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Hassad is dead. So, what's the President's course of action? After receiving advice from the IRK delegate, she asks Mrs. Hassan to take over her husband's role and sign the treaty. She's hesitant at first, while the Russian delegate makes it clear his country can't participate in the treaty if this takes place.

But Mrs. Hassan eventually agrees and the peace conference is set up just like it always was. Because Russia needs to be on board, though, President Taylor turns to a shocking source for help: Charles Logan. The disgraced President had been leaving messages for Ethan, claiming he had very close connections in Moscow and could bring the country to the table. He tells Taylor the same thing when they meet, but won't reveal his connections or his plans. He just says America needs his assistance and he won't break any laws. Taylor agrees.

Elsewhere, Hastings is relieved of duty by Tim Woods. Who is placed in charge of CTU? Chloe. That's a well-deserved promotion.

But the episode mostly focused on Jack and Renee. After failing to save Hassan, they believe their (failed) mission is over and leave the scene of his death. As they do, Renee walks by a man dressed like an EMT and thinks she recognizes him. We soon see him adminster a shot to Samir that would later give him a heart attack and kill him. Who is this guy? He's a Russian. He phones the Russian delegate after killing Samir and the audience learns that that nation has been behind the stolen nuclear material this entire time!

This dude tells his boss that Renee might know who he is and reveal their plot and, therefore, he must take her and Jack out. He's followed their cab back to Jack's apartment and set up shot (i.e. a sniper rifle) across the street. As he waits for a good shot, we get a disturbing scene: Jack and Renee having sex. That's a first for our hero on the show. It seems to go very well, as Jack is in a great mood when it's finished and gets up to get some water.

But then Chloe calls and Renee tells her about the Russian guy she may have spotted dressed like an EMT. Chloe uploads Renee's old file, along with current security camera footage of the building where Hassan was killed. As she does this, the sniper shoots - and hits Renee!

She's bleeding badly. Jack rushes her to the hospital. As she's in surgery, he talks to Chloe and learns about this Russian connection. He then receives the awful news: Renee is dead. Cue the silent clock.

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