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We didn't think it was possible anymore, but these two hours of 24 actually left us shocked. In a very good way.

The main theme of the episode was tracking down Hassan. Why was he gone? Where did he go? After Jack and company learned that the terrorists had asked for Hassan in exchange for the bomb, he insisted on turning himself in because he didn't want so many deaths on his hands. Of course, Jack was having none of that - but he had no choice when Hassan actually knocked him out and took off.

When Jack came to, Hassan had turned himself into Tarin, his former bodyguard, in order to fulfill his side of the bargain and save Manhattan. Bauer contacted the President and told her about what happened. He also told her how people in her administration had gone against her and tried to apprehend Hassan. In response, Cherry Jones had her best moment ever on the show:

She confronted Rob Weiss and said she'd turn on the gas herself if he didn't tell her where Hassan was. Too late, her arrested, former Chief of Staff said. Tarin already had him, and the location of the bomb had already been handed over in exchange. He was proud of himself for saving so many lives.

He endangered one, though, as Ethan was sent to the hospital due to the chest pains he suffered when initially discovering what Rob was up to. President Taylor was clearly troubled by all these developments.

But it turns out the terrorists kept their evil word and really did leave the bomb, once they had possession of Hassan. With this threat over, the second hour really focused on what we said before: Finding Hassan.

It started with a chase after Dana, as she had alerted Tarin that CTU was setting up an intercept and following him (and Hassan) down the streets of NYC. She helped guide him toward a parking garage, where Tarin put Hassan into another vehicle before he crashed his own off the roof. So long, Tarin. But Jack found his cell phone near his dead body. Chloe searched it and revealed to Hastings that Dana had called Tarin during the pursuit.

After a shoot out, during which she killed a few CTU guard, Dana was finally caught. (And, boy, was Cole pissed!) She insisted on talking to Jack, telling him that she turned mole for money. She wants immunity if she helps them track down Hassan... alive. Jack suspects that something else is also in play, but there's no time. The President agrees to the immunity deal.

But the clock is against them because Samir has Hassan in a room and is torturing him to admit his crimes against his country. Once he does so, of course, Samilr will execute him. However, Hassan won't budge. Therefore, Samir dons a mask, turns on the Internet feed and begins to read Hassan's supposed crimes out loud.

As he's doing this, Jack and CTU have found their location, due to Dana's help. They arrive at the building and Jack shoots the three men in masks they find inside, thinking Hassan has been saved - but they are too late. Hassan is found sitting in a chair, in front of his country's flag, throat slit. Jack is speechless and emotional. The President is in tears, as are Hassan's wife and daughter when they find out.

What will happen next? For the first time this season, we have no idea.

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