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Liz Lemon isn't attractive. That's basically the theme of this episode, even though we personally believe it's not true!

Maybe it's because Tina Fey loves making herself the butt of her own jokes, but whatever. The point is that as she prepared to host her first Dealbreakers talk show, her personal apperance and failings in front of the camera (as opposed to behind the scenes) were highlighted and hilarious.

Meanwhile, Frank was put in charge while Liz was doing Dealbreakers and started to talk like her and dress like her, right down to her hair style.

Cheap and cliched, yet it kind of worked!

Sadly, it looks like Jack's old rival, Devin Banks, is going to get his way and Dealbreakers will be quashed. Any time Will Arnett comes on the show is comedic gold.

That's just as well, because Liz belongs in the writers room, but it was fun while it lasted as far as Liz going diva on us, basically turning into another Jenna and/or Tracy hybrid, saying words that made no sense and going out of control.

Elsewhere, Tracy has a new goal, and that is winning awards. You can imagine how that went.

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