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With the new Kabletown acquisition of NBC, Jack is nervous if he'll have a place in the new corporate structure.  After meeting with a former GE executive that works in Kabletown, he discovers the company refuses to innovate and just sells pay-per-view porn.  During Don Geiss' funeral, Jack has an idea for an innovation for Kabletown... porn for women!  He pitches it to the board and it ends up selling as we see Liz Lemon watching some after the credits.

Meanwhile, Liz continues to keep running into Wesley.  The two try to determine if it's fate and try to recreate the waiting room sequence at the dentist's office.  After realizing they're not right for each other and yet still keep running into each other, Wesley suggests Liz settle for him.  In the end, Liz decides she's too good for him.  Maybe we'll seem him during the May sweeps.

When Tracy Jordan's nanny reveals a shocking tell all about Tracy, it reveals he's never cheated on his wife.  After losing sponsorship for not having affairs, Tracy tries and fails to seduce Liz, but still claims he can't go through with it.

30 Rock
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30 Rock Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

He built GE into the greatest company on Earth, and the Earth into one of the top three planets in the universe!


Not Seinfeld, Friends, ER exciting, more like 3-D episodes of Merlin exciting...