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Jack learns more about Liz's new boyfriend, and she starts to doubt her relationship.  She doesn't want Jack to meet Criss, but the former ends up being the latter's big investor.


Tracy offends the gay community, so Liz apologies for him, telling the world that Tracy is an idiot.  Tracy gets the rest of his idiot community to take a stand against NBC.


Jenna gets Kenneth to help her find the lights she needs for her dressing room.  They break the box of lights that are poisonous, and Pete manages to make his way into the closet of poison and passes out.  Jenna calls on Kelsey Grammer for help.


30 Rock
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30 Rock Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Why did you have to offend the gay community? It is the most organized of all the communities. They make the Japanese look like the Greeks.


Happy three month anniversary, and happy two week anniversary of you going to the bathroom when I'm here.