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Jack and Avery plan on renewing their vows, but a number of people seem to be against it.  Neither Avery's mom nor her secret lover, Scott, object at the ceremony.  Even Kim Jong Il gives his blessing, but Jack and Avery ultimately decide to cancel the entire thing and get a divorce.


Liz and Criss decide that they might want to have a baby...or a plant.  Liz finds a role model in Tyler Perry.  Kenneth attempts to get back in the page program one last time.

30 Rock
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30 Rock Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

Oh, poor baby. Can't hack it in the big city? Gonna move to the bay area now, pretend that that was your dream the whole time? Have fun always carrying a light sweater.


Hey, I don't bail. I am still watching Smash, Criss.