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Liz and Criss are upset that Dennis can adopt a baby because he's married, but they can't.  They decide to get married, but not to make a big deal out of it.  Eventually, they realize that they want it to be special, and have a real wedding.


Tracy realizes he has a clean bill of health, and he isn't happy about it.  After doing a number of rational things, he decides that being crazy is just who he is, so he makes a terrible decision on purpose.  He picks up Toofer's awful movie idea.


Jenna is owned by some guy who won a contest, but Jack figures out a way to get him to take $2,000 instead.  Jenna realizes she is a has been and isn't happy about it.

30 Rock
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30 Rock Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

I don't need scams. I got a great new business selling suicide insurance, and it's going great.


If it's positive, awesome! We're having a baby. I wanna name it Frisbee. If it's negative, awesome. We're not gonna fight about the name Frisbee, and we get disco fries for breakfast, because we're sad.