Angie on 30 Rock
Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Episode 17
"Queen of Jordan"
Original Air Date:

Angie plays a major role on 30 Rock this week. We watch her reality show cameras follow her around.

Pro Women!
Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Episode 16
"TGS Hates Women"
Original Air Date:

Liz hires a female writer on this episode of 30 Rock, setting out to prove that she's pro-female. Meanwhile, Jack hatches a plot to run Kabletown.

A Spinster?
Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Episode 15
"It's Never Too Late for Now"
Original Air Date:

Jenna sets out on a mission this week: find love for Liz. Elsewhere, Jack has trouble negotiating.

New 30 Rock Family
Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Episode 14
"Double-Edged Sword"
Original Air Date:

Might Jack's child be born in Canada? That scary possibility is at the center of this week's episode.

Return of Brian Williams
Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Episode 13
"¡Qué Sorpresa!"
Original Air Date:

Brian Williams shows up again on 30 Rock this week. He never fails to deliver laughs. Vanessa Minnillo also guest stars as a rival for Avery.

Comforting Jenna
Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Episode 12
"Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning"
Original Air Date:

Tracy has a reality show crew follow him around this week. Naturally, Liz tries to use this to her advantage.

Dr. Specimen  and Tracy
Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Episode 11
"Mrs. Donaghy"
Original Air Date:

Liz's new year's resolution causes a problem for Jack's wedding this week. Elsewhere, budget cuts affect TGS.

Liz on Xmas
Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Episode 10
"Christmas Attack Zone"
Original Air Date:

Jack's mother is back this week. And her son has a couple big secrets to tell her in honor of the holidays.

All Under Control
Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Episode 9
"Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish"
Original Air Date:

Liz talks to Kenneth about Carol this week because Jack thinks she ought to see a therapist. Elsewhere, Jenna and Paul celebrate an anniversary.

Saying Funny Stuff
Watch 30 Rock Season 5 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

Jack attempts to find flaws in the company's new line of microwaves this week. Elsewhere, Liz joins a crew lottery and the writers discover something interesting about Jack.

30 Rock Quotes

There's no such thing as bisexual. That's just something invented in the 90s so they could sell more hair products.


Frank: Where were you when we did this four years ago?
Liz: Certainly not at a Michael's Crafts crafting cruise.