James Franco on 30 Rock
Watch 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 9
"Klaus and Greta"
Original Air Date:

James Franco appears on this episode of 30 Rock. He plays himself in the installment titled "Klaus and Greta."

Secret 30 Rock Santa
Watch 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 8
"Secret Santa"
Original Air Date:

Jack's high school crush comes to town. Pete wants Danny to share Jenna's Christmas solo. Tracy tries to convince Ken that religion is a sham.

Talk Show Host
Watch 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 7
"Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001"
Original Air Date:

Liz tries (and ultimately fails) to get her Dealbreakers talk show off the ground. Naturally, this is easier said than done.

Memoirs of a Geiss-Ha
Watch 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 6
"Sun Tea"
Original Air Date:

Liz has to make a drastic change to her living arrangements. Jack and Tracy reevaluate their plans for parenthood. Kenneth is on a mission to make TGS greener.

Liz and Jayden
Watch 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 5
"Audition Day"
Original Air Date:

Liz and Pete try to rig the audition process. Tracy and Jenna decide it's in their best interest to conduct their own search. Jack faces a more personal issue.

Jack and Padma Lakshmi
Watch 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 5
"The Problem Solvers"
Original Air Date:

Tracy and Jenna begin to rethink how they treat Kenneth. Jack offers Liz her own talk show, but Jenna convinces her to explore her options first.

Poor Liz
Watch 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 3
"Stone Mountain"
Original Air Date:

Liz and Jack venture to Kenneth's home town to scout talent. Jenna tries to make friends with the writers. Tracy fears for his life after two celebrities die and he believes he's due.

A Liz Beatdown
Watch 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 2
"Into the Crevasse"
Original Air Date:

Devon returns to plot revenge on Jack. Jenna and Tracy both have reasons to be angry with Liz. Kenneth spends some time volunteering at an animal shelter.

Pages are Sort of People Too!
Watch 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 1
"Season 4"
Original Air Date:

30 Rock kicks off its fourth season at a restaurant called Season 4. Vintage 30 Rock right there.

Jack and His Father
Watch 30 Rock Season 3 Episode 22
"Kidney Now!"
Original Air Date:

Jack's biological father's health hangs in the balance. Liz draws attention as a relationship expert, despite her own failed relationships. Tracy is invited to speak at his old high school.