Claire bed - A Teacher Season 1 Episode 6
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Claire tells Matt about her affair with Eric, and Matt meets with Nate to discuss Claire's future.

Nate says Claire most likely won't go to jail.

Officers show up at Eric’s house and ask him and his mother Sandra questions about Eric's relationship with Claire.

While Eric is cagey with his answers, he later tells the investigators everything after learning they know about the extent of his relationship with Claire.

Eric calls Claire and says he wants to meet, but Claire says she can't.

The news of Claire and Eric's affair spreads through the town like wildfire, and Eric meets with Logan and Josh to discuss the ordeal.

Logan tells Eric what happens to Claire isn't his concern, but Eric still refuses to believe that Claire was in the wrong.

Matt tells Claire he wants to try to make things work and makes preparations for the coming days.

At dinner, Claire says she needs some air and leaves the house.

She gets in her car and meets Eric, and the pair decide to run away together.

They go to a motel, and Claire laments the end of her teaching career.

They have sex, and Eric, regretting his decision, heads home in the morning.

After walking up alone, Claire goes to the police station to turn herself in. 

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A Teacher Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Female investigator: Eric, has Ms. Wilson ever been inappropriate with you?
Eric: No.
Male investigator: It sounds weird when she says it that way. Have you ever fooled around or anything like that?
Sandra: Are you saying that…
Male investigator: I totally get it. She’s an attractive lady. I can see how maybe things could get a little confusing.
Eric: What’s confusing? Nothing’s confusing.
Female investigator: The school was notified this morning. A report’s been filed. We know the whole story. We know you guys went away together this weekend.
Sandra: Oh my god. Sweetheart.
Male investigator: The most important thing right now is for you to tell the truth because it’s gonna be easier on Claire and everyone else if we know the real story. Lying isn’t going to help her, or you.

Claire: I’m having an affair. I’m having an affair. I’m having an affair.
Matt: What?
Claire: I’m sleeping with my student.