Claire and Matt - A Teacher Season 1 Episode 9
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Claire goes on her first internet date with some guy, and they seem to be hitting it off.

They go back to his place, and Claire learns the guy googled her and degrades her during sex.

Claire works for her father and a fellow coworker tells her she’s lucky to have Wyatt as a father.

Claire and Matt sign divorce papers, and Claire asks Matt how he's doing.

Matt says he's surprised Claire cares and doesn't understand how he ever loved her after her affair.

Claire later goes back to the guy's apartment for sex, and things turn violent.

Claire leaves upset and goes home where she has a break through with Wyatt.

Meanwhile, Eric has become isolated. He has dropped out of pledging and is on academic probation.

His roommate Ryan tries to talk to him about it, but Eric insists he's fine.

Eric goes drinking at bar and runs into a bachelorette party.

The girls try to set Eric up with their single friend Chloe.

However, Chloe reveals she's not going to sleep with Eric. 

She just got out of a toxic relationship, which parallels Eric’s relationship with Claire.

Eric then goes home and tells his mother he needs help.

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A Teacher Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Wyatt: I’ve been thinking. Have you given any consideration to going back to Al-Anon? It used to help you. I remember before.
Claire: Well, that was to help deal with you, dad.
Wyatt: Oh, I just know I value.
Claire: Dad, I’m fine. Just stop.

Claire: This isn’t so bad, you know.
Guy: What?
Claire: This, like meeting up with someone online.
Guy: That’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever said to me. It is. Thank you.