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As Andrew and Zelda think back on how their lives would be if they were single, they know that all of the alone time is interrupted by Stu and Stephie and her new boyfriend, Joseph.

To find a way to have alone time together, Zelda suggests Stu go to a game with Joseph so 

Zelda has an idea to have Stu go to a game with Joseph, so she and Andrew can be alone at his apartment. While they enjoy the alone time, it is interrupted by Stephie when she barges in to tell them that she doesn't want Stu and Joseph becoming close because of her past relationship with Stu. Even when Stephie leaves, the alone time is interrupted again by Stu coming home. Zelda wants Andrew to help give them alone time at his apartment. When he asks Stu to give it to them, he gets angry and wants Andrew to find his own place.

At Wallflower, Lydia is visited by a corporate visitor, Dane, who is monitoring her performance after a glitch. Lydia thinks he likes her and asks Lora's help for advice. Lora and Lydia begin a friendship and bond over their relationship issues. Lora helps Lydia ask Dane out, but says he wants to date Lora instead, making both Lydia and Dinesh mad. Lora tells Lydia that she is not interested in Dane, but finds her and Dinesh. Dane reveals that he wanted to make Lydia jealous by asking Lora out, and instead Dane and Lydia date. Later, Lydia and Lora continue to bond and Lora and Dinesh get back together.

With Andrew looking for apartments at home, Stu brings Joseph over to become his new roommate and make Andrew mad. Andrew has Zelda meet at a house for sale, but she thinks it's for both of them, so they accidentally agree to move in together. 

Stephie is not happy about Zelda moving out because Joseph wants to move in with her. Even though they confide in Stu and Stephie that they don't want to move in together, Andrew and Zelda agree to do it. 

Andrew and Zelda procrastinate signing the lease papers. Steph and Stu show up and make it known that Andrew and Zelda don't actually want to live together. Andrew moves back in with Stu and he and Zelda realize that it was not the best time. Stu and Stephie surprise Andrew and Zelda with 3 days of alone time. 

A to Z
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A to Z Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Also, there's going to be a thunderstorm tonight. So I suggest we just skip a step and I just go to bed with you guys.


Andrew: Oh no!
Stu: I know that thunder is just the sound of God bowling, but can I spend the night with you guys?