On A to Z Season 1 Episode 10, Zelda finds a perfect match for Stu and Stephie feels left out for being excluded. Andrew and Zelda try their best to find a match for Stephie. Find out if the matches last for their friends when you watch A to Z online now.

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On A to Z Season 1 Episode 10, Zelda notices similar quirky habits between Stu and a co-worker, Jennifer, and decides to set them up. When they go out, they really hit things off and start to get very close, very fast.
When Stephie sees that Zelda took the time to set Stu up and not her, she feels left out from the group. Zelda and Andrew both promise her that they will find the perfect match for Stephie in hopes of making her feel better.
At Wallflower, Lydia introduces Andrew to an ad client for the site and offers to set up a profile for him. To make him feel welcomed and happy, Lydia has Andrew take him on the town where he is introduced to Stephie.
Will Stu have a lasting relationship? Can Andrew and Zelda find a good match for Stephie? Does online matchmaking or old-school matchmaking work better?
Find out when you watch A to Z online now.

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On A to Z Season 1 Episode 10, Andrew and Zelda try to use their different matchmaking skills to set up Stu and Stephie causing very different results.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0 (4 Votes)
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A to Z Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Zelda: Your butt looks good in those pants.
Andrew: Thank you for your feedback.

What? I'm like McGyver