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On this week's episode of Alcatraz...


Clarence Montgomery is sent to Alcatraz after being convicted of murdering his girlfriend, despite the fact that he was truly innocent.

The Warden attempts to utilize Clarence's cooking abilities to bring the white and black prisoners together. E.B. Tiller disagrees believing that no criminal can be reformed.

Clarence is brainwashed into becoming a killer.

The doctor asks the Warden what he does to the blood that is taken from the prisoners and then given back to them. The Warden says he doesn't add anything.


Clarence now commits murders in similar fashion to the way his girlfriend was killed, except he can't help himself.

He calls upon one of his former Alcatraz inmates to help him.

Rebecca, Diego, and Emerson trail Clarence back to his friend's place. Rather than turn himself in he begs his friend to end his life.

Emerson gives the police the information needed to arrest Clarence's real girlfriend's killer. Clarence is exonerated.

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