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On this week's episode of Alcatraz...


Garret Stillman, an intelligent armored car robber, is asked by the Warden to change Harlan Simmons parole decision.

Deputy Warden E.B. Tiller wants Simmons' parole denied so he can maintain a cut of the profits from Simons' contraband ring.

Stillman tricks Tiller into switching the decision and therefore Simmons is granted his freedom.

The Warden gives Simmons a number for a contact to help him on the outside and will get the two of them in touch when the time arrives.


Lucy reveals to Diego and Rebecca that she is in fact one of the '63s.

Stillman is robbing armored cars but rather than stealing the money is stealing the cars. These cars are part of a security company owned by the now billionaire, Harlan Simmons.

Stillman's main goal is to retrieve one of Simmons' unknown but highly prized possessions. He discovers it is a key but is killed by another man for it.

Rebecca, Diego, and Emerson track down Stillman, but find him dead. They discover that Tommy Madsen was his handler.

Meanwhile, Lucy attempts to learn why she was targeted and Ernest Cobb tells her that as long as she is alive, she will always be a target.

Also, Emerson has discovered the Warden's secret door and learns that he needs one more key, the key Stillman had, to unlock the mysterious room.

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