Exes to Colleagues  - Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 1
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  • Jason is on a misson in Aghanistan where he saves a young girl who is on a detonated bomb. They were there to kill a man and succeeded but Jason saves the daughter who he says is about his son's age.
  • While the unit is celebrating a successful mission, Nikkie, Jason's wife, calls to tell him that their son Keith has been abducted.
  • Jason swears to return home to find his son after she tells him the news.
  • It time jumps to six years later. Jason is in private security now.
  • They're separated but Jason still won't sign the divorce papers even though they're both in other relationships.
  • They sign them after a talk about how their marriage couldn't survive Keith's abduction.
  • Nikkie has a teen Chloe to find that she's gotten alerts on, and she must work with her team, the same one that once informed her about her own son.
  • Mike is the skeptic on the team who doesn't believe in Kemi's religous process and ritual of praying and ceremony before they embark on each case.
  • Chloe's parents are distraught when they come in to speak to Nikki, and they're somewhat blaming each other. The mother wants to sese the video footage they have of when Chloe got abducted.
  • They get a call that the there was a sighting a hotel and they go there to find her, but a guy in the lobby tips off whoever has her.
  • Mike and Nikki are on a foot chase after the kidnapper and Nikki hurls herself over the banister into the pool to close in on them.
  • Nikkie catches up and shoots out the window and saves Chloe.
  • Jason is at the fertility clinic getting checked out and producing a sample because he and his girlfirend want to have a child.
  • Mike proposes to Nikki in the bullpen of the MPU, and she says yes.
  • Jason shows up while everyone is celebrating to tell Nikki that he got a text message with a photo of Keith saying he's alive.
  • Nikki is doubtful that it's their son and terrified of getting her hopes up.
  • Nikki takes Jason down to see C, an analyst to see if he agrees that the photo is of Keith.
  • Jason notices that the abductor has a ring that signifies his connection to a terrorist group and slips into working the case with the team.
  • The terrorist tells them that the kidnapping will still happen. Two guys attack Nikki and Chloe when they're in the elevator. She shoots the one and the other guy takes Chloe again.
  • The wife finally tells them that Roger's job is a front company for the CIA and his job is the reason that Chloe is getting taken.
  • Jason admits to Nikki that he fakes it with his partner June because he doesn't want another kid.
  • Nikki tells Jason that they want to hire him on the team.
  • Kemi figures out the picture of Keith was taken in Vegas. She narrows it down to a specific hotel.  They head there but the room is empty. I phone rings and an anonymous caller demands a million dollars and has instructions.
  • Nikki feels they're getting played. And they're still at odds over believing it or not.
  • Roger tells them that his job was to select targets to kill for a terrorist organization and that's why his daughter has been taken.
  • They manipulate the terrorist they have in custody to stop a terrorist attack and murder of Chloe.
  • They have a bomb strapped to Chloe.
  • Jason calls his former army buddy who sells mattresses now to help him disable the bomb.
  • Mike has Kemi used the Missing Persons mass alert system to show a picture of the terrorist and peple tip the authorities off of where he is in the crowd.
  • Mike shoots the terrorist
  • They reunite Chloe with her family.
  • Jason gets a call from Keith. They rush to where he is and find him. Nikki finally believes upon seeing him. Keith doesn't want to talk about who took him. They bring him home. Sydney is happy to see him, but their dog doesn't recognize him and keeps barking.
  • Everyone is happy and Mike puts Keith on the Found board.
  • Mike is feeling insecure about Keith's return and J's presence and sees them celebrating through the window when he goes to check on Nikki.
  • Keith starts ripping up a book outlining his abduction
Alert: Missing Persons Unit
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Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Mike: Kem, I love you, but we don't have time for that.
Kemi: Sure, if facts were all that will find Chloe, but, as I believe, finding her is equal parts faith and fact. Time spent praying is time well spent.
Nikki: Preach.

I don't understand how you do that, Nik. I don't understand how you search for other people's kids when we never found ours. Some marriages could survive that type of loss. I'm sorry ours couldn't. Keith would be 17 next week.