Bromance in the Making - Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 2
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Gemma learns that her baby, Isabel's cord is wrapped around her throat, but Isabel is fine, and she has a c-section that will get scheduled for the next day.

Gemma is worried and keeps getting mysterious texts whiile the woman she plans to give Isabel to, Charlotte, assures her that everything will be fine.

Charlotte tells the nurse how much she loves Gemma, too while waiting for the baby, and apparently, the pregnancy has involved a lot of issues.

When Charlotte goes back to the room, Gemma is gone and has left the sonogram there.

Gemma is in the parking lot looking distressed before getting into a car.

Jason brings food to Wayne, and she calls him out on using her forced confinement to hang out with her so he isn't lonely.

She asks him about the bus/car bombing case.

Mike and Nikki's wedding invitations are sent out.

They want Kemi to officiate.

Kemi tells Nikki that she's dating someone high profile and wants to bring a plus one.

Charlotte and her husband David report Gemma being missing.

Charlotte's husband feels that Gemma left on purpose. 

Nikkie gets clearance from Brauun to issue the alert because he waited a long time to have a child and favors babies.

They got a lead that Gemma was at a diner and tried to order an Angel shot alerting that she was in help, but she was taken before the server could get help.

Nikki confronts Jay about pulling the file without telling her about it.

They look into the biological father who is a boxer.

They  interview Marvin, the baby daddy, but he was cleared.

Nikki is wary of Wayne coming in to assist.

Wayne does her research and sees that there was something going on between Gemma and David, the adoptive father. He was paying her five grand a week.

.David admits that he paid for Gemma to stay essentially because he didn't want Charlotte to face another heartbreak.

Jay has issues with Mike coming too hard for the adoptive father and being judgemental.

David gets a text about ransom. Someone wants $100K.

Charlotte wants to pay the ransom even if it means saving Gemma.

Brauun lays down his threats and warns Jay off because he wants Nikki to succeed in the job. He also mentions Wayne being there.

They find out that Gemma paid Marvin the day after she got one of her payments.

Marvin shares that he suspects the real father is one of the boxers. Gemma was terrified of the man and that's why she was paying Marvin.

Jay instigates the baby daddy, Dante, who ends up accidentally punching Mike while trying to hit Jay.

Dante says he didn't know she had pregnant until he saw the alert and did the math.

Dante was supposed to lose a fight for an event, but he pummeled the guy instead. It's his motivation for why he needed the money to pay back the man he screwed over,Hawk.

They set up the exchange and Dante tricks them, snatching the money. I twas a diversion.

Charlotte is ready to confront Dante. And she ends up getting taken hostage by him.

Mike and Jay try to talk Dante down.

A security guy shoots Dante, and they can't get anything from him.

Gemma's fetal alert went off saying she's in labor.

Kemi and Wayne figure out from surveillance footage of Dante's car that he kept Gemma in Quan's apartment. They get to Gemma and she's in labor and can't move.

The doctor and Charlotte show up there just in time to deliver the baby.

Mike and Nikki talk about potentially starting a new cycle of their own adopting. Nikki wants to focus on the wedding first and go from there.

Wayne keeps flirting with Jay when they're at the motel, and he brushes it all off.

He tells her that they have to stand down on the car bombing thing, and Wayne calls Jay out on letting Nikki stand in the way.

He gives Wayne his phone, and she looks into the case file again but opening it initiates a virus. Jay concludes that Brauun doesn't want him to see something.




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Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Mike: This place smells like a jockstrap.
Jay: that's soul you're smelling.

Español, mi amor, you're supposed to be learning Spanish. What happened to that?

Nikki [to Mike]