Exes with a Secret - Alert: Missing Persons Unit
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Ms. Patty, a woman who is part of the neighborhood watch is on her patrol and opts to stop someone who is littering when they pull a gun out on her. They then take her.

Jason heads to Wayne's to ask her for help. She agrees that things with Braun are suspicious and agrees to help him look into things. He gives her a laptop.

Kemi notices that things are tense between Nikki and Mike as it appears that they're having a fight.

Harold comes to Nikki and Kemi to tell them about Ms. Patty going missing.

Patty's abductor wants her to make a phone call, and she's stubborn and refuses. She calls 911 and isn't intimidated by them at all.

Mike tries to talk to Nikki about how she and Jason are keeping something from him.

Kemi pores through footage of how Ms. Patty has been harassing people.

Harold tries to figure out where Ms. Patty is on his own by looking into Meeks, a possible suspect who didn't get along with Ms. Patty.

They investigate Meek's shop and realize that he is running a chop shop.

Jason tries to figure out what's goin on between Nikki and Mike. He can sense there is tension there. Meanwhile, Mike interrogates Julian Meeks. He mentions that Mas. Patty has a son who is trouble, but Ms. Patty doesn't have biological children.

Julian turns over  Mo Betta, a rapper, who was outside Ms. Patty's house and whom she practically raised him.

Ms. Patty recognizes one of her abductors. They are guys who want to use her to get to Mo Betta.

She denies them what they want and the guy shoots Ms. Patty in the leg. She gives up Mo and he's at Nikki's as she talks to him about Ms. Patty. He doesn't have much informatio to give up, but Nikki can tell he's hiding something.

Mike and Jay go to the club where Mo Betta is and search for him. He gets a text about Ms. Patty's abduction and has to ditch his phone.

Mo ditched his bodyguard and now they have to find him.

Through tracking down who purchased the strain of weed found at the scene, they pick out Kevin Dixon, a disgruntled producer as their lead and head to his place.

He and his accomplice try to kill Mo.

When Harold is reunited with Ms. Patty he tells her how he feels.

Wayne finds Jason's rap past. They flirt and then make out. But she stops to tell him about what she found. She found out that Barlow, in lockup, has stage four carcinoma, and it's something he has to tell Nikki immediately.

Nikki apologizes to Mike for not sharing things with him.



Alert: Missing Persons Unit
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Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Kidnapper: Make the damn call, lady.
Ms. Patty: That gun supposed to scare me?

Ms. Patty is special. Smart and feisty, and her heart, well, it's solid gold. Ever since I moved to Philly last year seeing Patty has been the highlight of my day.