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When a chrome dies of a heart attack on Almost Human, Detective Stahl decides to look into the man's death. Chromes do not die young. She, Dorian, and Kennex find a small wound on his neck and learn that his DNA had been stolen.

They uncover seven more murders where DNA had been stolen and realize they have a serious issue on their hands.

Stahl learns more about chromes when she ventures into one of their clubs.

Almost Human
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Almost Human Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Maldonado: Sometimes it's nice to connect with people who are like you, who understand you.
Stahl: Is that why you keep Kennex around?
Maldonado: No. I lost a bet.

John: Do you know how many murders there are in this town every year?
Dorian: 756.
John: Yeah. A lot.