Dorian: Do you want me to come to a bar with you and watch you drink?
John: No, no that's okay. It, uh, got a little weird last time.

Dorian: Do you think that with all the people in the city, out there in the world, that there's someone out there for everyone?
John: I do.
Dorian: That's old fashioned.
John: That's me. Old fashioned. Even my robot's discontinued.

Dorian: It is said that the more flaws you have, the more human you are. Have I told you how very human you are?
John: You know, sometimes when you're doing this [makes talking motion with hand] I'm not really listening.

Maldonado: Sometimes it's nice to connect with people who are like you, who understand you.
Stahl: Is that why you keep Kennex around?
Maldonado: No. I lost a bet.

John: Do you know how many murders there are in this town every year?
Dorian: 756.
John: Yeah. A lot.

[to Dorian] Human connection, man. It's messy. People in your space. People in your skull. That's why I choose to live alone.


Lab tech: If I get any heat from this, I'm telling them you threatened me.
John: You're in luck! They'll believe that.

John: Look who it is! Benedict Android!
Dorian: Good morning to you too, John!

Must be a hell of a thing to meet your maker. But to be betrayed by him...


Dorian: Still anti-synthetic?
John: It's growing on me.

John: You're telling me to walk up to a homicidal robot and stab it in the back of the neck?
Nigel: Uh huh.
John: Great.

DNA can be isolated under a microscope, you know, hair color, eye color, height, weight, ethnicity. The fundamental basic data can be traced to individual chromosomes. But the soul, that is who we are. It is our passion, our pain. Why we laugh, why we cry. Why we strive to be better. DNA, it's the data, but the soul? It's the story. It is the essence of life.

Nigel Vaughn

Almost Human Quotes

Maldonado: 'Kennex should return to duty never.'
John: Never? Well that's a long time.

Richard, I know this won't be easy for you, but don't be a prick.