On American Crime Season 2 Episode 9, Leslie's job is on the line after the shooting at the Leyland school district, but things take a turn.

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When you watch American Crime Season 2 Episode 9 you'll see how important the choices we make set things in motion. The school board wants to use Leslie as a scapegoat for the shooting at Leyland, but she wants to fight it. The lawyer for the school tries to convince her it would be a good idea if she were to take the package they are offering her and just cut ties now. Leslie reasons with her that everything she did was for the good of the school. Unforunately when the Leyland schools personal files are hacked it makes the school board look bad. Leslie calls a meeting, comes up with the perfect plan which works in her favor and decides to ask the school board to dissolve themselves. Leslie informs them everything which has been released makes every single member of the board look bad, but nothing terrible came out about her because she never put anything on record and made sure to put herself front and center when welcoming Eric back to school. The board votes on the dissolution and Leslie is kept as headmaster of the school and someone else is appointed patron. Want to see what else happens? Go watch American Crime online now via TV Fanatic.

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On American Crime Season 2 Episode 9, after the on-campus murder of a fellow Leyland student, the community is forced to re-examine all of theire choices.

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My while life has been nothing but a problem for her. She would be way better off had I never been born.


Tell my mom it's over. She should move on.