On American Gods Season 2 Episode 7, Mad Sweeney's many different past lives are explored as he discovers who is his real enemy. Gungnir is made whole. Someone dies.

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Shadow finds Mad Sweeney passed out under a bridge. Mad Sweeney warns him that death is coming for him.
Shadow returns to the funeral home where Wednesday is holding a war council with Ibis and the Jinn.
When they are alone, Wednesday repairs Gungnir with a piece of wood from the now-fully-grown Yggdrasil and gives it to Shadow to take care of.
Bilquis has taken over for the local minister in preaching to the mourners. She and Sweeney discuss a prophecy about his death.
Sweeney tries to end his contract with Wednesday to no avail.
Salim and Sweeney discuss love and Sweeney remembers his wife and child.
Sweeney warns Shadow again and extracts a promise that Shadow won't get in his way when the time comes.
In discussion with Mr. Ibis, Sweeney remembers his life as a god and realizes that Wednesday has always been his enemy.
Wednesday toasts his allies sitting at a meal with him. Mad Sweeney arrives and reveals the food is fairy fare and his debt to Wednesday is repaid. He demands the room and fights Shadow for Gungnir. He tries to attack Wednesday but Shadow prevents him and he ends up impaled on a spear as foretold. As payback, he turns Gungnir into gold coins before he dies.

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On American Gods Season 2 Episode 7, Mad Sweeney warns Shadow about Mr. Wednesday again while he awaits the promised battle. Laura gets some advice from Mama-Ji.

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American Gods Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm gonna tell you something. This is gallow's ground you're walking and there's a rope around your neck and a raven bird on each shoulder waiting for your eyes. The gallow's tree has deep roots. It stretches from heaven all the way down to hell. And this world is the only branch from which the rope is swinging.

Mad Sweeney

Y'know, you keeping hanging out under bridges, people are gonna start thinking you're a troll.