Shadow: No, no, no, no. This isn't happening.
Wednesday: Something that was planned even before you were born. A blood sacrifice by a son? Wow. That's powerful enough to restore me to all my former glory. Odin, the all-father, all-powerful, once again.

Mr. Ibis: Faithful to the last, they always stay close to their master.
Shadow: They're with me now.

Mr. World: People say this is the age of technology. They're wrong. It's the age of manipulation. Trickery is what I do best.
Tech Boy: Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you?!

Shadow: Oh, please tell me death isn't being on a plane with you.
Wednesday: Well, technically, we are somewhere in between.

Tech Boy: What is this thing?
Mr. World: Your totem. You have no idea how vital you are to everything. You are, perhaps, the most powerful of us all. The embodiment of human innovation, which makes you the bridge from the old gods to the new.

Help is what Shadow needs to steer him in the right direction. He's a special one, alright. Trouble is, he knows it now. But that ain't your never mind. What you need to do is find the other, his soul mate. Convince him he ain't no solo act. Yes, indeed. That tall order falls to you.


Cordelia: He could be a bastard, but he was a good boss.
Shadow: He was a selfish dick. You may believe his intentions were noble, but he never did anything that wasn't in his own self-interest.

Laura: OK. So, are you saying you're a god now?
Shadow: I'm saying I have a destiny, and I need to follow it wherever it takes me.

Laura: Listen, I didn't do this for purely selfish reasons.
Shadow: Bullshit!
Laura: Fine. But, Shadow, you're free now. No more of his compacts or scheme or war or fuckin' murder. You can go after what you always wanted. White picket fence, wifey giving you a couple kids instead of blowing your friends.
Shadow: Don't you fuckin' dare tell me you killed him to make my life better. You have no idea who I am or what I want.
Laura: I know that you don't owe him shit. What did he ever do other than make your life fuckin' miserable?
Shadow: Gave me a purpose: To be a better leader than he ever could have been.
Laura: A Leader.
Shadow: Uh-hm.
Laura: Of what?
Shadow: Change. Before humanity goes down the tubes.

Cordelia: He cared about you, too, you know.
Shadow: He showed it by murdering my wife?
Cordelia: That puta with the spear? She seemed pretty goddamned alive to me.
Shadow: Yeah, she's the stubborn type.

Shadow: You deserve the truth.
Marguerite: The truth doesn't get me out of bed in the morning. It doesn't do my job, or take Leon to school or hockey practice or sleepovers, so don't fuckin' preach to me about the truth!

Has anyone ever told you that you're very cynical and more than slightly overdramatic? I'm not talking about destiny. I meant you needed a challenge, like bowling.


American Gods Quotes

It's like one of those good/news bad news jokes, isn't it? The good news is, we'are lettin' you out early. The bad news is your wife's dead.


Shadow, we're going to be releasin' you later this afternoon. You'll be gettin' out a coupla days early. There's no good way to say this, so I'll put it plain. This came in from Johnson City Hospital from Eagle point. Your wife, she died in the early hours of this morning. It was ah, an automobile accident.