Billie Lourd as a Young Mother - American Horror Stories
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Liv and Matt attend a fertility clinic and Liv says she will go to any measures to get what she wants.

The receptionist, Bernadette, hands over a totem and says it helped her family for generations.

Liv puts the totem below her bed and we cut to 16 months later.

She's got a child named Aaron but she can't connect with him.

Matt is working on NCIS and struggling to keep everything in line.

Liv is watching their son at night and she sees an apparition in the baby monitor.

Later, one of Matt's friends asks to play with the Ouija board.

A message saying he's mine comes through.

Liv goes back to Bernadette to get answers and she takes a spell from a grimoire.

Back at home she tries to cast it and stabs Matt.

Two weeks later, she is in an asylum and Matt says he will stick by her. He leaves and meets Bernadette, giving us the revelation that he and his friends have been conspiring against Liv.

They want her money.

BA'AL appears and kills everyone aside from Matt.

We cut to Matt in prison and Liv tells him the page she took from the grimoire summoned BA'AL to be her bitch.

She tells him to rot in prison and sets BA'AL free after he gives her another kid.

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A little magic couldn’t hurt.


I want him.