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Jay and Addy are in the car, and Jay makes sweeping statements about this being a tough time, but happy to get to the great outdoors.

Addy did not want to go.

They spend the night and in the morning, Addy is pissed. She wants caffeine and to go home.

Jay takes Jacob a walk to go fishing, and things get crazy when the kid disappears.

Ten years pass and Jay is asleep in an apartment.

Birch goes to the door and says he has a sighting and has found the artifact.

Jay goes to Addy, who is done with the search. She thinks they'll never find out the truth.

They go back to the National Park and Birch tells them not to listen to Stan.

Birch turns the gun on them when they realize he is tricking them. His plan was to take money and let the others steal their credit cards.

One of the dead people awakens and eat Birch's neck.

Jay and Addy rush to the park ranger. He tells them he won't tell the truth and ultimately does when the gun is turned on him.

He says people have been eaten in national parks across America, and the government can only try to contain it.

When he tries to call for help, one of the feral people pops up and the rest come in the windows.

He's killed.

The other two escape but are cornered by a group. They realize Jacob is the leader of them and wonder what's going on.

When they think they've escaped their son says they are dinner and the ferals feast on them.

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American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

His Wheaties have been in the milk too long.


This ain’t no marriage retreat and I sure as hell ain’t no Dr. Phil.