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At Murder House, a young couple arrives and are there for an escape experience.

They say they watched the show but they are quickly picked off by everyone.

It turns out, it's all a simulation and they are in trouble.

A mother and son bond over her trying to build the game, but their relationship breaks down.

The son goes to stay with his dad as the mom buys murder house to get the vibe right.

She goes to stay there and Ben Harmon tries to save her.

She's killed, but one year later she finds her son. He hates her and says that he'll be burning the house down.

He does burn the house down and all the ghosts seemingly go away.

Things take a turn when Scarlett arrives at luxury accommodation and buys it. It's the last building at the old Murder House.

When she tries to bond with Ruby, she says all the other ghosts have passed on to somewhere else. They chose peace.

The simulation ends again. This was all a game and Michelle has it all figured out. Even Rory is happy about everything that happened in the game.

Was any of this real or was it all a ruse?

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American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I am going to make you reveal all your secrets to me.


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