Scarlett's New Look - American Horror Stories
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Scarlett, Michael, and Troy arrive at the Murder house.

Their plan is to do the house up, not believe the rumors, and make it an attraction to bring money in to their life.

Scarlett is unconvinced and goes to her room. She finds the Rubber costume, wears it and sees a man wearing it in the mirror. She takes it off.

At school, she grows closer to a girl named Maya, even though Shanti says she must be playing her.

Scarlett's dads say that they know she's been looking at extreme porn again and tell her that she's grounded and will be seeing a therapist.

She promises to do what they want if they let her go to the sleepover.

The therapist is killed in the basement.

At the party, Scarlett goes into a room with Maya and starts telling her about what turns her on.

Shanti texts to say she's being livestreamed.

Scarlett rushes off and returns home, before phoning Maya to say that she'll be killing herself in 30 minutes and they will be sent to prison.

Maya and the friends arrive at the house and the Infantata and Scarlett kill them.

They all become ghosts in the house.

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American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

This is not just shame and pain. This is violence.


Kill yourself then we can be together forever.