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Talk about a thrilling threesome!

The remaining American Idol finalists put on a show this week, as Adam Lambert - for a major change - likely didn't even give the best performance. Let's sum up each contestant right now...

- Kris Allen left us speechless with a rendition of Kanye West's "Heartless." The crooner went acoustic, created a unique arrangement and was told by Randy that the performance was better than Kanye's original. Simon added that the song made him think Kris actually had a chance to win, or at least advance to the finale. We agree.

As for his first performance, Randy and Kara didn't love Allen's version of One Republic's "Apologize." (Even though they chose for the song for him, which Simon hilariously reminded the duo many times.)

- Lambert, of course, was still amazing. He started the night with "One," which Cowell enjoyed telling viewers he spoke to U2 about, receiving special permission for Adam to use on the show. Simon referred to it as “brilliant,” as Paula all but crowned Lambert the season’s champion.

Next, the singer chose an ideal single for himself: "Cryin" by Aerosmith. What did you think of it, Kara DioGuardi?

“How do you hit those notes and still talk the next day?" she asked, adding: “We’ll see you at the finals.”

- Finally, we weren't huge fans of Paula's assignment of the Terence Trent D’Arby song “Dance Little Sister" for Danny Gokey. Neither did the panel, as the judges didn't give the performance great reviews.

However, Gokey’s own selection of Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” was a hit. It earned him high praise from Cowell, who said it was “a vocal master class.”

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