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On this week's American Idol results show, the right person went home. No offense, Matt Giraud, but it was simply your time.

However, the completely wrong person was included in the bottom two. What did Adam Lambert ever do to any of you, fans?!?

We were as shocked as Paula Abdul to see the best contestant in the show's history staring elimination in the face.

"It's  crazy. This is crazy," said Abdul after the bottom three were revealed.

Of course, Simon Cowell had a different take on the surprise: "Look, there's only five people left.  So somebody's gotta go. I don't think it's crazy.  We've opened up the show to America, they decide who they like, let's not take it away from [non-bottom three finalists Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta].  Congratulations."

Once Lambert was announced as a low vote-getter, the rest of the hour felt like a pointless distraction. Apparently, there were performances by Natalie Cole, Jamie Foxx and former American Idol champion Taylor Hicks. Not much we can say about the latter.

His hair looked pretty nice.

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