Kristin Chenoweth on American Idol
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Full disclosure: we've got a pretty serious crush on Kristin Chenoweth. She's as funny and as talented as they come, so we were thrilled to see her at the judge's table for this audition-based episode.

As usual, we focus on the top contestants during these installment. We use them as a chance to gauge who might advance far in Hollywood. With that in mind, the golden ticket recipients that stood out the most...

Seth Rollins: Backstories don't come any sadder than the one for this 28-year old from Lakeville, Florida. He sang  “Someone to Watch Over Me” and has a son with autism. Seth teared up talking about him and wanting to afford care for him. up as he talks about wanting to be able to afford the best care for him. The boy even showed up at the audition, which may have played a role in Kristin liking him so much. We agreed more with Randy, who passed Rollings through, but said he had to “exude more performance."

Jermaine Purifory: Remember this 24-year old from season seven auditions? He hails from Cleveland, Tennessee and sang “Smile." Dude had a beautiful falsetto, which led Chenoweth to refer to him as “pure." Randy was equally “blown away," while Simon got the point: “Good choice of song... the chicks will like you.”

Shelby Dressel: This 18-year old from Avon Park, Florida has a medican condition that has left the right side of her face paralyzed. She sang “Turn Me On” by Nora Jones and is a little self-conscious - but she can really carry a tune! Everyone says yes. Have a safe trip to Hollywood!

Cornelius Edwards: 24-year old from Boynton Beach, Florida. Will we see him go far in Hollywood? Unlikely. Was his pants ripping, due to an an attempted split, hilarious? Oh yes.

Matthew Lawrence: A 25-year old from Starke, Florida. Impressed the judges with “Trouble” by Ray La Montagne. When he was 15, and robbed a bank with a beebee gun and spent four years in jail (!). Says he wants to make his family proud with this audition and his powerful voice might get tha done. Our favorite of the night, as Randy refers to him as  “genuine.” Someone to keep a close eye on.

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