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In this episode, the girls try the delicacies in Morocco i.e. brains, eye and intestines, which gets Brittani sick.  They have tea with Miss J and Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, where they try to impress her with their portfolios.

The challenge of the week is tea tray belly-dancing.  The girls must balance real tea trays on their heads with candles while belly dancing in front of a live audience.

The photoshoot is in Medina, the largest outdoor market in Morocco.  The theme of the shoot is similar to last week's; the girls are dressed in exotic clothes and makeup while "caravan-ing" at an outdoor market.  Brittani and Molly get high commendations at judging while Hannah and Alexandria are at the bottom.  In the end Alexandria is sent home for being too controlling.

America's Next Top Model
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