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The girls arrive in exotic Marrakech, Morocco where they're welcomed by Mr. and Miss Jay.  After a beautiful tea party, they're taken to a local haute couture designer to model his outfits and walk for Andre Leon Talley.  Brittani wins the challenge for having the most high-fashion walk while Kasia gets points for bringing her heels despite the fact that the designer doesn't have any clothes in her size.

Later, the girls have a desert-themed photoshoot on top of a camel.  Although they're nervous at first, most of the girls prevail and manage to pull off great shots. 

At panel, the models must impress Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia with their photos.  Molly gets first call-out, followed by Brittania and Hannah.  Alexandria is in the top two for her controlling attitude but it's Kasia who is sent home for her lack of confidence after a difficult week. 

America's Next Top Model
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