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After two weeks of undercover research, Tribeca and Geils are frustrated with the lack of leads they've had to take down a prostitution ring. Though when Lieutenant Atkins gets angry, and screams for them to drop it, Tribeca is fueled to do exactly the opposite what he said. 

While looking for someone to arrest and question, Geils meets with one of the girls as a John, tricking her into taking him back to the hotel. If you're searching, simply tell the receptionist that you're "looking to have sex for money." Don't worry, she knows what it means. At a stakeout, Tribeca makes an interesting connection between one of the men leaving the hotel and the lieutenant: it's Lt. Atkin's old partner, Police Commissioner Bigfish.

Posing as a call girl, Tribeca lures the commissioner in to make her arrest, against her lieutenant's wishes, but things take a turn for the kinky. Bigfish has an adult baby fetish, and that's what he pays the girls for. To treat him like a baby. Another epic, dramatic chase scene between Geils and the big baby commences, but not before Tribeca sings "Fruit Salad" in E minor. She truly is a woman of many talents. 

Angie Tribeca
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Do you know "Fruit Salad" in E minor?


Letting go is not in my DNA. However, there is a little Irish, a little German, left-handedness, and early onset dementia. There's also a little Irish and a little German. Did you want to see me, sir?