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Angie Tribeca is just your typical, badass, apartment destorying, bow and arrow wielding, police officer. Wokring in the Really Heinous Crimes Unit (RHCU) of the LAPD, they investigate the worst, most despicable, crimes. Assigned her 237th partner, Jay Geils, Tribeca leads the investigation into the blackmailing of the Los Angeles mayor. 

When neither the mayor's wife, nor his mistress, are found guilty, Tribeca follows her gut and heads to the studio where the threatening blackmail images of the mayor's disgusting, bad joke tattoos were taken, where he poses nude every week. 

Meanwhile, Tribeca and her new partner don't get off to the best start, but the undeniable sexual chemistry is there nonetheless. The problem? Tribeca works alone. She's had a bad past with partners, and this one doesn't prove to be any different when he falls down an empty elevator shaft. 

In an interesting twist, the culprit is the teacher at the art studio, someone the mayor had little to no interaction with. He just did it because he wanted to embarrass and humiliate the mayor for having any "disgusting, dirty" tattoos, especially ones with bad puns. And he was saving the disturbing Instagram/Facebook comments for after he got $4000. 

Angie Tribeca
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Angie Tribeca Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I don't prance around nude for money. Not anymore.


After that he said, 'Are you serious? No one gets syphilis anymore!'