Sisters and Their Protector - Arcane
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Vi and Powder make their way through a warzone littered with bodies and debris, avoiding the Enforcers. They find Vander and he drops his gauntlets to carry them to safety.

Years later, Vi leads Mylo, Claggor, and Powder on a heist in Piltover. Powder finds some blue gemstones and in the rush to avoid being caught, one falls and causes an explosion. Enforcers arrive and chase the kids back to Zaun. In Zaun, they get shaken down by a gang of thugs led by Deckard. They fight and win, but Powder gets cornered and throws the loot into the river.

They return to the Undercity where Vander's tending bar. He sees Vi and her crew come in and follows them down to their room. He chastises them for taking the risk and the danger they put themselves in.

Vander sends the others out so he can talk to Vi alone and remind her that she's the leader and needs to make better choices.

Vander takes Claggor with him to Benzo's.

Powder realizes that she still has the blue gemstones. When she goes to show Vi, she overhears Vi and Mylo and misinterprets the conversation. She runs back to her bunk.

Vander speaks to Benzo about the fact someone was following the kids when they returned to Zaun. He indicates they have enemies here as well as in Piltover.

Claggor talks with Echo (aka Little Man) about the lead that led them to the heist location.

Enforcers arrive and question Benzo and Vander. Marcus is aggressive but his commander, Grayson, has an arrangement with Vander. She tells him she needs a name to make on example of or else Piltover will send an army into the Undercity.

Vi goes to talk to Powder. She shows her places where the bigger kids have had bad days.

Powder shows Vi the blue gemstones.

In an underwater lab, Deckard is held by Silco's thugs. Silco's scientist demonstrates a chemical that causes a berserker rage in subjects. Silco plans to use Deckard as a human test subject.

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Arcane Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Vi: I’m going. Are you with me or not?
Claggor: Vander’s going to kill us.
Vi: Yeah, only if we screw up. So don’t screw up.

Powder: One day, I’m going to ride in one of those things.
Mylo: And one day, I’m going to shoot one of them down.