Mel of the Council - Arcane
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Jayce returns to his rooms with Caitlyn and materials bought in the undercity. The explosion catches him with its blast and knocks him unconscious where he relives a childhood trauma where he and his mother were rescued by a magic wielder.

The investigators sent to look at the explosion confiscate many of his materials and place him under arrest. He is advised by Professor Heimerdinger to admit to irresponsible research but not to mention magic.

Mel Medarda chooses a gift for the Council Chairman. She is interested in what Jayce's trial will reveal.

In Zaun, the Enforcers continue to harass the undercity dwellers, looking for Vi and her crew. The undercity residents want to revolt but Vander discourages them. He is challenged by some who think he is weak. Vi questions how she can lead the group if she's hiding and putting the community in danger.

During Jayce's trial, he is unable to keep quiet and he brings up his experiments in magic. The council denounces his research and is prepared to sentence him to death. His mother pleads on his behalf and Heimerdinger is moved to recommend expulsion from the Academy. Viktor watches the proceedings with interest.

Jayce's mother tries to comfort him at home. He is unable to have contact Caitlyn as her parents no longer approve of their friendship. He returns his academy rooms, intent on committing suicide but is interrupted by Viktor who is interested in his research. Knowing that his materials are being destroyed in the morning, they make themselves at home in Heimerdinger's lab and try to solve the dilemma of harnessing magic.

Vi gives Powder her favorite toy and goes away. Vander sees the toy and realizes something is wrong.

Vi waits in a room and stands up when the door is opened.

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